Major Canadian record labels: brief overview

So here is the info that some of you were interested in lately. We are all know that the city of Toronto is referred to as the music hub of the world. Many aspiring musicians visit the place in search of a good record label. The best part of the Canadian record labels is the fact that they use the best and state of the art equipment to make sure that they get the results. Canada is also known for manufacturing the best audio equipment. It is for the same reason that the music thrives on this soil. There are many record labels in Canada which are known for their work and are more than happy to take artists onboard.

1. Angeline Entertainment

The company was founded in 2006 and makes sure that a complete process is followed before taking artists onboard. The management of the company is overtaken by the Universal Music Group which has increased the outreach of the label. The label has a very long past and has produced or worked with the best and big names of the industry. The record label is also supported by the Fontana Distribution and therefore it is also present in the USA. Formerly known as Orange Records the label has worked with Little Big Town and Colin Munroe. The label is quality conscious and getting onto its portfolio is a hard task to perform.

2. Comedy Records

Founded in 2010 this is a Canadian label that releases the standup comedy album. The best part of the record is that it has also started to work with the music artists and many artists see a hope in the form of Comedy Records. The other work-place of the label is situated in the New York and the presence can be felt in the US market.  For any aspiring actor getting onto the portfolio of this label is just like a dream come true. The label is highly engaged in the market and has recently started ventures in Miami and Boston.

3. Optical Sounds

The label is well known to the struggling artists as it allows the musicians to meet with one another. The community-based events in Canada are also focused on the record and therefore the connections at the relatively low level are high. The Embassy Bar is a place where all the meetings of the label take place. Founded in 2008 the brand of solely emphasizes on the struggling artists. The company does not contract the employees and there are no contracts for the artists as well. Still, the brand is well known for its deep roots in the music market.

4. Warner Music Canada

Everyone knows the Warner Music Group and therefore it needs no intro at all. The overall management of the group is done by the Warner Music Group. It can be referred to as one of the oldest music groups in Canada which were founded in 1967. The financial backing is strong for which the record is still on the market for around 50 years now. The Warner Music is highly rated by the music groups from all over the world for its quality.

Musical events to look for in Canada

Canadian music is known for its diversity and it is the only reason that people are attracted towards it. The Canadian society is multicultural and therefore has the best and state of the art musicians from every community. These musicians come together to entertain Canadians throughout the year. The musical heritage of the country is awesome and therefore it leads to masterpieces which are not possible elsewhere. People’s interests are so diverse, some prefer visiting music festivals of listening music, other like games playing. If you belong to game lovers you will definitely like a popular website ValleyGames guide, where you can find a wide range or¬†online casino. America is the largest neighbor of this country and has heavily influenced the music of this country. The indigenous population of this country has also ensured that their contributions count towards the overall musical development. Some of the finest musical events in Canada which ensure peace and love in the country are mentioned as follows:

New Musical Festival

It is actually a grouping of musicians from all around Canada which leads to finest musical performances. The event is held in Toronto each year and therefore attended by a healthy number of people throughout the world. With the passage of time, it has also become a tourist attraction. Bands from Spain, Italy and even Argentina enter this festival to entertain the locals. Opera, dance, and orchestra are some of the best events which take place. The main attraction of this festival is the band music which is performed in form of groups. Exploring Canadian music has never been as easy as it is with this event.

Winterfolk XV

150 artists, 5 venues and 3 days are all that this event is about. There are numerous bands which perform at this festival. It is regarded as the multicultural event which is heavily influenced by immigrants. The event is free in general but some areas may require a ticket such as rock music. Winterfolk XV wristbands are very important if one wants to enter this venue. Each band costs about $15. It is another Toronto based event and recommended to all who want some entertainment in Toronto. Due to the high publicity, this event is considered to be one of the best one in Canada.

TIN PAN NORTH Songwriters Festival

It is one of unique events in Canada. Every year it is presented by The Toronto Chapter of the Nashville Songwriters which is also responsible for other musical events in Canada. The songwriters from all over Canada collaborate in a really awesome manner. The songs are shared and the overall rating is given by the general public. The stories behind each song are also shared with others. In a nutshell, TIN PAN NORTH Songwriters festival ensures that the best songwriters having awesome poetry skills are brought forward.


It is a fact that South Asia has heavily influenced the lives and culture of the people of North America and Canada is no exception to this. The name suggests that South Asian immigrants from all over North America come together for this music festival. Locals also join hands to enjoy desi food and music at the same time. The duration of this event is 12 hours and the entertainment is unlimited. From kid’s zone to classical South Asian Music Desifest has it all.

Top concert venues in Canada

Just a quick fact to start with is that the Canadian convert venues sold over $300 million in tickets alone in 2016. This quick fact will help many to decide that how much people in Canada love music. Great venues and acoustics are offered at almost every musical venue, big or small. This means that any concert venue can be joined to get the most out of what is being performed there. However, there are certain spots which will leave long-lasting marks on memory. Below are some of the top concert venues in Canada which are worth giving a shot:

Massey Hall

Located in Toronto this venue has a capacity of 3500 people which means huge. It was built in 1894 and was opened to the public the same year. The overall look of this venue says it all. The seats are round which means maximum beat can be heard no matter wherever a person is sitting. Numerous famous artists have performed here which makes it a historical point as well. It can also be seen from the user’s reviews that Massey Hall has it all. Not only music but dining and seating areas are also well maintained which makes it one of the favorite spots of many.


Chan Center for Performing Arts

This one is bizarre when it comes to location. Located in Vancouver on the campus of University of British Columbia this hall was completed in 1996 and was opened to the general public the following year. It is an amalgamation of many performing arts venues such as theaters, cinemas, and studio. Uptown and downtown Vancouver is the main target of this venue. It has been featured in numerous films and TV shows which make it even important in Canadian world on Music. The University’s performing arts department is also located here.

Air Canada Center

Located in downtown Toronto this center is not just limited to concerts and performing arts. It has however been included as the venue has hosted several concerts in the past. There are various venues which are incorporated into a single location. There is a theater with 5200 seating capacity whereas the venue also has concert capacity of over 18000. It can be regarded as one of the biggest concert venues in Canada with respect to seating capacity. The venue is known for many other events such as video game shows and AFL matches.


Phoenix Concert Theater

This one is also located in Toronto and has a rich cultural history. It is a concert venue as well as the nightclub at the same time. Opened for the public in 1991 the venue has 1350 seating capacity which is not as large as other venues in the country. However, the main reason for its inclusion in this list is that the Toronto youth normally visit this venue to wrap their ears around the great acoustic ambiance presented. The reviews of this venue also show that it is a cozy small place to dine in and listen to the music at the same time.

Canadian Audio Equipment Manufacturers

Making noise in the music industry for a very long time now, Canadian companies are not behind any world-class audio equipment manufacturer. The best part is that people and other large organizations have started taking interest in audio equipment being manufactured in Canada. The manufacturing of this equipment is not easy as it requires technical expertise to get over different combinations. Canadian manufacturers have made sure that the best outcome is presented to the users. From after sale service to overall manufacturing quality, Canadian companies have proved that they are no behind anyone. Some of the best audio equipment making companies in Canada has been discussed as under:

Athena Speakers

This company is known for making high-end speakers to make the life of corporate users easy. However, it does not mean that domestic users cannot take advantage of the products. There are speakers made for the concert as well as the ones which can be easily attached to LEDs to make sure that sound increases. The company also makes sure that key recommendations are given to users before they look at the wide range of speakers available. The Clear and clean sound is the slogan of this company which they act upon very seriously.

Coincident speaker technology

It is the only company on this list that has won several awards over the years for quality and reliable manufacturing. The various brands and types of speakers being developed clearly show that the organization is very serious to take a huge market chunk. Tweeter and woofer are the main technology this company focuses on. Established in 1993 the company aims to make speakers which are reliable as well as affordable. It is also one of the few companies which are 100% Canadian. The parts as well as assembling are all done in the country to avoid high costs.

Focus Audio

Made for music is what this company calls its products. There are several other manufacturers which work under the umbrella and therefore best models are created here. There is a huge manufacturing range of the speakers which are manufactured by this company. It clearly shows that the company wants to capture every market class and section. From Master to Prestige series there are many models which are known for their reliability. High-end users include Richard King and McGill University which shows the quality. Accurate sound production and reproduction are what the equipment of this company is known for.

Studio Lab

The company claims that it is the only one manufacturing high-end equipment of same quality for both corporate and domestic users. The company manufactures all parts of the equipment in Canada which makes the end products very cheap and reliable. The user reviews about the product are highly positive which shows that this company delivers. Many high-end music related magazines have also published about the company. Such reports also show that the burgeoning musical environment in Canada has seen as the new face in form of Studio lab. The company also heavily focuses on after sales services and parts maintenance.

Best Audio interfaces 2017

Audio hardware and software are very important when it comes to online games. It is because these online interfaces let the players enjoy the music which is being played while they play. However, it is not possible without online interface or audio equipment at the backend of the website. There are many audio USB and system based interfaces which have lured customers for over a decade now. To get the best results below is the list of USB audio devices which should be used to get the work done with relation to audio coverage. Audio hardware that has been mentioned here has a worth under $300. They were tested while playing different games including those at online casino websites.

M Audio M track plus

Rated high by many consumers all over the world this two channel audio output device is the best to enhance the sound. The track list can be uploaded and played directly. Other than interface this audio hardware also supports USB which means that the music can also be heard on the move. Coaxial PDIF and MIDI is also supported. The only issue is that the M-audio support is not that good and might get frustrating sometimes. There is no support for Avid pro tools installation as well.

Avid Fast Track Duo with Pro Tools Express

Dual inputs and outputs make this audio hardware as one of the best of all times. As the name suggests the device has been integrated with Avid Pro tools and therefore no separate installation is needed. For songwriting, audio enhancement and recording no device work better than Avid Fast. However, there are some issues with this device as well. For instance there the upgrades are not for the average user as they cost a lot. Another issue is that MIDI is not supported by this device which means that limited functionality is what this hardware has to offer.

Roland QuadCapture Audio Interface

This device is used by many people around Canada. It is because the interface associated or integrated with this device is completely graphic. Digital Mic preamps are integrated with overall support provided by USB 2.0 and 3.0 interfaces. Other features included are auto volume and bass control. The humming sound which is always a nuisance is also removed by this awesome audio hardware. For live streaming on YouTube noise free environment is guaranteed. The only limitation which can ruin the experience for some is that there is no separate volume control for headphones.

Steinberg UR22

With dual audio support, this hardware is the best if a user wants to install it at gambling point of any kind. It is because the music play is synchronous and makes it possible for the listeners to consider that it is being played subliminally. Pad switches and latency free monitoring is also offered which allows the sound to be noise free. Yamaha has also played an important role in developing this interface as the preamps of the hardware are developed by the company. However, the preamps are not of high quality and are just good. For professional musicians, this interface is a boon.