Top musicians born in Canada

When it comes to music, the contribution of Canada to the industry cannot be downplayed. The country boasts of chart-toppers, award winners and record breakers. Making a list of the top artists that hail from Canada was a tough feat owing to a large number of talents we could choose from.

We managed to compile a list of 10 of the finest musicians from Canada – a mix of the old school and the new generation. (more…)

Major Canadian record labels: brief overview

So here is the info that some of you were interested in lately. We are all know that the city of Toronto is referred to as the music hub of the world. Many aspiring musicians visit the place in search of a good record label. The best part of the Canadian record labels is the fact that they use the best and state of the art equipment to make sure that they get the results. Canada is also known for manufacturing the best audio equipment. It is for the same reason that the music thrives on this soil. There are many record labels in Canada which are known for their work and are more than happy to take artists onboard. (more…)

Musical events to look for in Canada

Canadian music is known for its diversity and it is the only reason that people are attracted towards it. The Canadian society is multicultural and therefore has the best and state of the art musicians from every community. These musicians come together to entertain Canadians throughout the year. The musical heritage of the country is awesome and therefore it leads to masterpieces which are not possible elsewhere. People’s interests are so diverse, some prefer visiting music festivals of listening music, other like games playing. If you belong to game lovers you will definitely like a popular website ValleyGames guide, where you can find a wide range or online casino. America is the largest neighbor of this country and has heavily influenced the music of this country. The indigenous population of this country has also ensured that their contributions count towards the overall musical development. (more…)

Top concert venues in Canada

Just a quick fact to start with is that the Canadian convert venues sold over $300 million in tickets alone in 2016. This quick fact will help many to decide that how much people in Canada love music. Great venues and acoustics are offered at almost every musical venue, big or small. This means that any concert venue can be joined to get the most out of what is being performed there. However, there are certain spots which will leave long-lasting marks on memory. (more…)

Canadian Audio Equipment Manufacturers

Making noise in the music industry for a very long time now, Canadian companies are not behind any world-class audio equipment manufacturer. The best part is that people and other large organizations have started taking interest in audio equipment being manufactured in Canada. The manufacturing of this equipment is not easy as it requires technical expertise to get over different combinations. Canadian manufacturers have made sure that the best outcome is presented to the users. From after sale service to overall manufacturing quality, Canadian companies have proved that they are no behind anyone. (more…)

Best Audio interfaces 2017

Audio hardware and software are very important when it comes to online games. It is because these online interfaces let the players enjoy the music which is being played while they play. However, it is not possible without online interface or audio equipment at the backend of the website. There are many audio USB and system based interfaces which have lured customers for over a decade now. To get the best results below is the list of USB audio devices which should be used to get the work done with relation to audio coverage. Audio hardware that has been mentioned here has a worth under $300. They were tested while playing different games including those at online casino websites. (more…)