Major Canadian Record Labels: Brief Overview

So here is the info that some of you were interested in lately. We are all know that the city of Toronto is referred to as the music hub of the world. Many aspiring musicians visit the place in search of a good record label. The best part of the Canadian record labels is the fact that they use the best and state of the art equipment to make sure that they get the results. Canada is also known for manufacturing the best audio equipment. It is for the same reason that the music thrives on this soil. There are many record labels in Canada which are known for their work and are more than happy to take artists onboard.

1. Angeline Entertainment

The company was founded in 2006 and makes sure that a complete process is followed before taking artists onboard. The management of the company is overtaken by the Universal Music Group which has increased the outreach of the label. The label has a very long past and has produced or worked with the best and big names of the industry. The record label is also supported by the Fontana Distribution and therefore it is also present in the USA. Formerly known as Orange Records the label has worked with Little Big Town and Colin Munroe. The label is quality conscious and getting onto its portfolio is a hard task to perform.

2. Comedy Records

Founded in 2010 this is a Canadian label that releases the standup comedy album. The best part of the record is that it has also started to work with the music artists and many artists see a hope in the form of Comedy Records. The other work-place of the label is situated in the New York and the presence can be felt in the US market.  For any aspiring actor getting onto the portfolio of this label is just like a dream come true. The label is highly engaged in the market and has recently started ventures in Miami and Boston.

Comedy Records

3. Optical Sounds

The label is well known to the struggling artists as it allows the musicians to meet with one another. The community-based events in Canada are also focused on the record and therefore the connections at the relatively low level are high. The Embassy Bar is a place where all the meetings of the label take place. Founded in 2008 the brand of solely emphasizes on the struggling artists. The company does not contract the employees and there are no contracts for the artists as well. Still, the brand is well known for its deep roots in the music market.

4. Warner Music Canada

Everyone knows the Warner Music Group and therefore it needs no intro at all. The overall management of the group is done by the Warner Music Group. It can be referred to as one of the oldest music groups in Canada which were founded in 1967. The financial backing is strong for which the record is still on the market for around 50 years now. The Warner Music is highly rated by the music groups from all over the world for its quality.