Top 16 Popular Monitor Audio Products

Monitor Audio is a famous British hi-fi brand that manufactures one of the best speakers and audio systems in the world. The impeccable reputation the company has been building for almost 50 years has made the brand not just iconic. It’s become a synonym for high-quality sound.

A Brief History of Monitor Audio

Monitor Audio was started by Mo Iqbal back in 1972 near Cambridge, England. As the company grew and developed, it moved to Essex where the headquarters remain even nowadays. However, the manufacturing is now in China.

Nevertheless, Monitor Audio speakers are one of the best in the world. Why? Because the company works non-stop on improving the sound quality. It has dozens of patents for unique and excellent performance.

Monitor Audio Company Building

Over the past few years, the company bought:

  • Roksan (Hi-Fi manufacturer);
  • Blok (Hi-Fi furniture manufacturer).

Nowadays, it has representatives in many regions and countries, including Monitor Audio Canada.

Monitor Audio Categories

Monitor Audio amplifier and speaker

The company is mostly recognized as a speaker manufacturer. However, the brand releases other hi-fi products with the same precision, quality, innovation, and consistency. If you visit the official website, you are sure to notice that the product range covers several big categories.

Home Audio

The brand offers great solutions for those who wish to upgrade their home cinemas. Whatever your budget or taste is, you are sure to pick the system which secures great sound and a memorable home cinema experience. For instance, soundbars will help you complete HD picture entertainment.

Monitor Audio system for home with a subwoofer

Home Speakers

The company manufactures numerous speakers of all sizes: bookshelf-friendly, floor-standing, in-wall speakers, etc. No matter which Monitor Audio speaker you pick, you’re sure to enjoy the astonishing, clear, deep, precise sound.

Monitor Audio home speakers from different series

Receivers & Amplifiers

The brand also releases receivers and amplifiers that stand out with both design and quality. Learn more about the Airstream lineup to discover the best amplifiers. If you are searching for a top-quality wireless receiver, the brand has some great options to offer. For instance, WT-1 and WR-1.

Front side of the Monitor Audio receiver

Cables & Installation

In addition to the high-quality speakers and sound systems, the company offers custom installation and various cables to let you set up your sound system as you wish. Besides, using Monitor Audio systems and uniting them with the brand’s cables will let you create amazing without any losses or impedance matching.

Monitor Audio cable with two inputs

Speaker Stands & Mounts

Plenty of models on the site are highly configurable in terms of the setup. You may purchase speaker stands and mounts if needed to add style to the room and install the speakers wherever you want.

Monitor Audio speakers on a stand in the corner of the living room

Popular Product Series

Popular Monitor Audio company product series

Navigating through dozens and dozens of speakers from Monitor Audio gets easier once you learn that there are several lineups. For instance, Radius, Gold, etc. Each line offers unique characteristics and technologies as well as a selection of speakers in different sizes, colours, installation peculiarities, etc. Let’s take a quick look at the most renowned lineups before moving to the popular speakers in Canada and around the world.

Platinum II

Nowadays, the company already has the 7th generation of this lineup. The latest patented technologies make the sound from these speakers as precise as it gets. You’ll hear every detail as if you are present at the concert or in a movie. The high-end collection contains the most advanced drivers in the luxurious cabinets.

Platinum II PL300 floorstanding speaker connected to your home theater


Another widely recognized lineup is Gold. The speakers from this collection have received numerous awards because they have top-notch construction and sound. Purchasing a speaker from this collection will bring you joy for a lifetime because they are beautiful, timeless, and meticulously constructed by the best specialists in the industry.

Monitor Audio Gold Series Floor-standing Speaker


The 7th Monitor Audio Silver generation contains the best achievements from the company’s decades of experience. Bold and powerful sound from the real-wood cabinets – sounds like an excellent choice. The latest releases have the least distortion possible. Even if you prefer high volume, you’ll get a crystal-clear sound.

Two Monitor Audio Silver speakers on the table


The Bronze Series is a combination of classic British and contemporary styles. The appealing look is only one reason for the popularity of this lineup. Besides, the tweeter cover has acoustically transparent hexagonal dispersion patterns. You’ll get the industry-leading sound because these speakers have the new Uniform Dispersion Waveguide, C-CAM Gold Dome Tweeter, and the Damped Concentric Mode technology.

Monitor Audio Bronze Series speaker


Classic speakers that combine the best from the Bronze lineup and various driver configurations for the most magical sound quality. This collection contains speakers that can be placed on the bookshelf or the floor. The Monitor series also has a powerful centre and the Monitor Audio subwoofer for detailed, immersive sound.

Monitor Audio Bronze Series Classic Speaker with tweeter


Monitor Audio Studio is a discontinued lineup released in 2018-2020. The loudspeakers from this collection secured absolutely amazing performance and received numerous awards. Despite being compact, these speakers were very powerful. They featured the same technologies used for the Platinum II lineup but had a different cabinet design. Elegant and hand-crafted, these speakers remain one of the best on the market.

Monitor Audio Studio Series speaker with two cones

Monitor Audio products are primarily designed for use in the sphere of home audio and home theater systems. They are known for their high-quality speakers and sound systems that deliver exceptional audio performance for various applications, including:

Home Theater: Monitor Audio speakers are widely used in home theater setups to create immersive surround sound experiences for movies, TV shows, and gaming.

Hi-Fi Audio: Their speakers are also popular among audiophiles for high-fidelity music playback, delivering accurate and detailed sound reproduction across a wide range of frequencies.

Multi-Room Audio: Monitor Audio offers solutions for multi-room audio systems, allowing users to enjoy synchronized music playback in different rooms of their homes.

Outdoor Audio: They provide weather-resistant speakers designed for outdoor use, allowing homeowners to extend their audio systems to outdoor spaces such as patios, gardens, and pool areas.

Commercial Installations: Monitor Audio speakers are also used in commercial settings such as restaurants, retail stores, and conference rooms for background music, paging systems, and audio reinforcement.

Gaming: Monitor Audio speakers enhance the gaming experience by delivering clear and precise audio cues in video games. Whether it’s the sound of footsteps approaching in a first-person shooter or the immersive soundtrack of a role-playing game, Monitor Audio speakers provide immersive soundscapes that enhance gameplay.

In the context of online casino gaming, having a good sound system can contribute to a more engaging and realistic gaming experience. High-quality speakers can reproduce the ambient sounds, music, and effects of online casino games with clarity and depth, making the gameplay more immersive.

The sound effects and background music of new online casino games, such slots, roulette, blackjack, or poker, are important components in creating an enthralling ambiance. With their authentic casino atmosphere, crisp sound effects, and immersive music, Monitor Audio speakers—which are renowned for their excellent audio reproduction and deep soundstage—can improve this experience.

Whether you’re spinning the reels of a slot machine, hearing the ball spin on a roulette wheel, or enjoying the suspenseful music while waiting for the next card to be dealt in blackjack, Monitor Audio speakers can enhance every aspect of the gaming experience, making it more enjoyable and immersive. Additionally, if you’re streaming live casino games or participating in online tournaments, having a high-quality sound system can also improve communication with other players and create a more engaging social experience.

16 of the Best Monitor Audio Products in Canada

Throughout the years, Monitor Audio has released numerous bestselling speakers and sound systems. Moreover, it has succeeded with other products, like amplifiers. Discover more about 16 of the best Monitor Audio Products for Canadians ever released in this review.

Monitor Audio Studio 10

Two Monitor Audio Studio 10 Speakers

The model released in 1990 became the first one with a ceramic sandwich metal cone driver that led to the C-CAM technology owned by the brand. The Monitor Audio Studio 10 speaker also has a metal tweeter which is now a part of the signature design.

Monitor Audio Bronze 2

Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Hi-Fi Speaker

Monitor Audio Bronze 2 won the What Hi-Fi Award several years in a row. Taking into account the compact size, the sound is breathtaking. It’s well-balanced, with deep bass, and highly detailed. In combination with stylish design and affordable price, it’s one of the best choices on the market.

Monitor Audio Gold 100

Monitor Audio Gold 100 is the most awarded speaker

This bestseller is one of the most awarded on the list. It was praised with:

  • Stereonet’s Applause Award;
  • AVForums Editor’s Choice Award;
  • EISA Best Product Award;
  • Stereoplay Highlight Award;
  • Home Cinema Choice AV Tech Award.

Monitor Audio Gold 100 has an efficient design and hardware that deliver bigger sound from smaller drivers. Excellent tonal accuracy and perfect timing secure great results.

Monitor Audio Studio 20 SE

Monitor Audio Studio 20 SE speakers standing on the floor

This is an award-winning, legendary speaker that belongs to a high-end lineup. The Monitor Audio Studio 20 SE speaker is undoubtedly one of the best speakers on the market. It first appeared in 1995, right after Monitor Audio got rebranded. That’s why the speaker has a new logo with the company’s motto – as close as it gets.

Monitor Audio Studio 2

Monitor Audio Studio 2 speakers were released in 1997

A pair of standmounts that delivers impressively good sound is the shortest but most precise description for Monitor Audio Studio 2. The 1997 release might not be the cheapest but they deliver excellent sound. It’s much bigger than the dimensions may suggest.

Monitor Audio Platinum PL300

Monitor Audio Platinum PL300 Series Speakers

One of the more expensive Monitor Audio speakers is known for two things: excellent sound (well, no surprise here) and the astonishing design. The cabinet was made from mineral-loaded polymer. This speaker also used the in-house ribbon tweeter along with cones from aluminum & magnesium skins. 

Monitor Audio Silver RS6

As soon as this loudspeaker saw the world, most experts agreed that this is the all-around best speaker in the given price category. In 2007, the bookshelf-friendly speakers delivered quality and consistency. No other company could match and keep up with that price tag.

Monitor Audio R252

Monitor Audio R252 speakers from the 80s

It’s one of the earliest models created by this brand. The now-vintage speaker was introduced in the ‘80s and got tons of praise almost immediately. Many experts pointed out how upfront and articulate the sound was as well as complimented the speakers’ design.

Monitor Audio Airstream A100

Another bestseller from Monitor Audio – Airstream A100. It’s a stereo amplifier released in 2014. The unusual design – thin and arched – was quite impressive in terms of quality. The company’s innovations and forward-thinking have allowed it to release bestsellers like this.

Monitor Audio Monitor 14

2 Monitor Audio Monitor 14 speakers

This speaker offers superb sound due to the 16.5 cm mid/bass driver and 26 mm alloy tweeter. Even though it was released back in 1991, it’s still one of the most successful and best-selling floor-standing speakers from Monitor Audio. You may look for it on sale to get a great deal.

Monitor Audio PMC703

Monitor Audio PMC703 were released in 1996

The summer of 1996 will always be memorable for Monitor Audio. Mainly because the company released PMC703. The speaker got a 5-star rating from numerous experts and magazines because it delivered clear sound, tight bass, perfect liveliness, and speed.

Monitor Audio Gold Reference 20

The floor-standers Monitor Audio Gold Reference 20

Gold Reference lineup replaced the Studio series. So, Monitor Audio Gold Reference 20 is the next-gen of the Studio 20 SE speaker. The floor-standers seem to have a lot in common. However, the newer model has a better balance which has set a new standard in sound quality.

Monitor Audio Silver 500

Monitor Audio Silver 500 floor-standers in the room

The newest and most advanced speaker from Monitor Audio is Silver 500. The 7th generation of the lineup has the latest technologies (like Rigid Surface Technology II), which secure the most natural and clear sound ever. The system has received several awards, including the EISA Best Product Award

Monitor Audio Bronze 6

Floor-standers Monitor Audio Bronze 6 and amplifiers

This model is the most powerful in the lineup. It has the maximum level of accuracy, scale, and dynamics. Perfect for home cinema because of the impressive C-CAM tweeter. Premium vinyl veneer finishes and several respectable awards make it one of the best Monitor Audio speakers ever.

Monitor Audio RX8

Monitor Audio RX8 and Monitor Audio RX2 speakers

Originally released in 2010, the speaker stood out with the ergonomic design and the powerful three-way loudspeaker. This MonitorAudio speaker united several unique technologies:

  • HiVe II technology;
  • C-CAM bass driver;
  • RST technology;
  • Invisible magnetic grille fixing.

The compact floor-standing speaker brought a very powerful sound in combination with premium wood veneers or gloss finishes.

Monitor Audio BX2

Monitor Audio BX2 Speakers with dynamic bass and C-CAM tweeter

Bronze BX2 is a bookshelf-friendly speaker that got the What Hi-Fi Product of the Year Award back in 2011. The cabinet is more rigid and stable and comes with an abundant choice of vinyl wood veneers that have quickly made it a popular choice. Dynamic bass and C-CAM tweeter with bandwidth beyond 30 kHz helped this two-way speaker become one of the most popular Monitor Audio products.