5 Famous Songs Inspired By Gambling

Throughout the history of music, we have heard songs about a plethora of topics, so it isn’t weird to hear that some very famous songs have been inspired by gambling.

The interesting part is that there has been a famous song about gambling almost every decade and not only in one genre of music, but rather a wide variety of genres. Many famous songs used gambling as a comparison to love, in the sense that you have to risk it all and not hold back if you want to succeed in love.

Have a look at five of our favourite gambling-inspired songs, information on which was prepared by experts from https://casinovalley.ca

1. Kenny Rogers – The Gambler

Don Schlitz wrote this song back in 1976 and many singers recorded it, but they didn’t reach any success. However, things changed when in 1979 Kenny Rogers decided to record it. The song became a huge hit instantly. It reached number 1 on the Country Hit charts, and it even won a Grammy award a year later. In a statement made by Kenny Rogers, he said that he doesn’t gamble himself, and nor does Schlitz. The story of the song tells how a gambler is giving advice to a man on the train about how you’re supposed to play the game. That you must know when to back down and run, or when to stay and go all in.

2. Elvis Presley – Viva Las Vegas

The chances that you don’t know about Viva Las Vegas are almost slim to none because Elvis Presley immortalized it in 1964. It was the theme song for the movie with the same title. The popularity of the song was immediate. It reached number 29 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Viva Las Vegas has become synonymous with the city of Las Vegas and many singers all over the world have performed it. Also, it was used in plenty of movies and TV shows. However, no one had the pleasure of hearing Elvis Presley perform the song live.

3. Billy Joel – Easy Money

Billy Joel was asked to write this song for the movie with the same name. He decided to write it through the eyes of the main character, who was a heavy drinker and a big gambler whose life is being affected by this lifestyle. The song was featured on Billy Joel’s 1983 “An Innocent Man” album. From the lyrics, it’s easy to understand that the song in its entirety is about all types of gambling.

4. ABBA – The Winner Takes It All

The Swedish pop giants ABBA have produced a number of hits. “The winner takes it all” is one of the most famous. When it was released in 1980 it instantly became popular and reached number 1 in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, and South Africa. It also reached the top 10 on the U.S. charts. In the song, plenty of references are made to cards and aces. However, they are used as metaphors for the divorce that the group’s lead singer Agnetha Faltskog and the other member of the group, Bjorn Ulvaeus went through.

5. Sting – Shape Of My Heart

The legendary British singer released “Shape of my heart” in 1993, a single from the album “Ten Summoner’s Tales”. In the film “Leon: The Professional”, the song was used while the end credits were rolling. It is an iconic moment in cinematography. There are many card references made throughout the entire song. Sting said that the song is not just about gambling, but rather about a gambler who tries to find out about the mystical logic that can be found in luck.